• Abrey Road  Office Block
  • Abrey Road  Office Block
  • Abingdon Spar Centre
  • Bedford Centre
  • Hilton Village Centre
  • Hilton Village
  • Holland Place
  • Snap Fitness
  • Sandy Centre
  • Sandy's
  • Sandy's Centre
  • Seadoone Mall
  • Seadoone
  • Shoprite Centre - Margate
  • Shoprite Centre
  • Colony Centre
  • The Colony Centre
  • The Quarry Centre 2
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  • The Quarry Centre
Abey Road  Office Block1 Abingdon Spar Centre2 Abrey Road Office Block3 Bedford Centre4 Hilton Village Centre5 Hilton Village Centre6 Sandy Centre7 Sandy's 8 Sandy's Centre9 Seadoone Mall10 Seadoone11 Shoprite Centre - Margate12 Shoprite Centre13 The Colony Centre14 The Colony15 The Quarry Centre 216 The Quarry Centre17 The Quarry18
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About Us

The Keal Property Group was founded by David Keal in 1988 and has grown from a small property investment/development company specialising in residential developments into a much larger concern, focusing on the investment and development of Neighbourhood and Community Retail Shopping Centres in South Africa and Australia.

Investment Strategy

The Keal Property Group benefits from an established,high quality property portfolio comprising of mostly retail shopping centres in South Africa and Australia. The group continues to actively acquire and expand its commercial property portfolio with particular focus on acquiring existing retail properties with the potential to create value through redevelopment and asset management opportunities.

Contact Our Aquisitions/Leasing Team

Grant Walker
Aquisitions Manager
Contact Number: 084 242 2894.
Email Address: grant@kealgroup.co.za